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Carolina Marconi terrorizzata: “Il bastardo potrebbe tornare”

Carolina Marconi, ex contestant of the Italian reality show “Grande Fratello,” recently shared a touching message on social media that moved her followers. Originally from Venezuela but now an Italian citizen, Marconi gained widespread fame after her participation in the 2004 edition of “Grande Fratello.” However, her television debut dates back to 1997 when she worked as a hostess on the show “Beato tra le donne.”

In 2022, Marconi also took part in “GF Vip 7,” an experience that allowed her to share her story with the public in a new and personal way.

The beautiful 45-year-old has recently battled breast cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor, followed by chemotherapy.

In the past few days, Carolina Marconi went to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome for her regular check-ups and shared her greatest fear on Instagram: the possibility of a dangerous recurrence of cancer.

Carolina Marconi: “I didn’t sleep for a week, I was very anxious.”

The showgirl took some photos inside her hospital room and updated her followers: “Hello friends, here I am. It’s check-up week. Yesterday at 5:30 pm, I had a full-body CT scan. I won’t deny that I was incredibly scared; you never get used to it. In fact, I didn’t sleep for a week, I was very anxious.”

Carolina Marconi then explained: “I arrived at 3:30 pm, two hours before my appointment. I sat in the waiting room, constantly getting up and pacing back and forth in the hallway like a restless child. Those minutes felt like hours, and the anxiety kept growing. Suddenly, all the moments I’ve spent here came to mind. I remember the first time I had a CT scan; I was very scared because I didn’t know what to expect. But today, I felt even more terrified because you’re afraid that that ‘bastard’ might come back. Life suddenly stops, you can’t breathe, and inevitably, you think of the worst things in your subconscious. So, I take a deep breath, pray, and think only positive thoughts, knowing that my life won’t end here. I still have so many things to do, so many missions. I close my eyes and try to relax.”

Carolina Marconi continues her fight: “We don’t give up!”

After describing the clinical procedures in detail, Carolina Marconi announced that she will have to wait a few days before she can see the final results of the tests conducted at the Gemelli Hospital.

She concluded: “During the CT scan, I only thought of beautiful things. One of them? A delicious margherita pizza. Afterward, I rushed to eat it; I had been fasting since this morning… I just wanted to share this with you and send a big hug to all those who ‘fight’ every day without ever giving up… WE DON’T GIVE UP! Good morning, everyone!”

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