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Francesca Michielin, cancellate le ultime tappe del tour: il messaggio inaspettato

Francesca Michielin has announced that she has been forced to cancel the remaining dates of her summer tour due to ongoing health issues. The singer has not fully recovered and doctors have advised her to take more time off. In a recent post on X, Michielin explained the details of her situation, reflecting on the challenges she has faced.

She began by acknowledging that she has learned that we cannot always have control over everything in life and that sometimes we need to let go. She also emphasized the importance of embracing and accepting our bodies, especially in moments of imperfection, insecurity, and vulnerability.

She then went on to explain the physical problem she discovered a year ago and how she tried to live with it despite constant pain. However, after several attempts, she had to undergo an invasive surgery a month ago as it was the only viable solution to improve her condition.

In the past ten days, Michielin has tried to slowly return to making music but experienced increasingly intense and unbearable abdominal pain. After consulting with doctors, she was advised to take more time off than initially recommended. She expressed her sadness and frustration at having to cancel the remaining tour dates and upcoming commitments.

Michielin apologized to her fans and promised to return to singing soon. In the comments section of her post, many users expressed their support and wished her a speedy recovery. Several Italian musicians, including Laura Pausini and Giuliano Sangiorgi, also left supportive comments, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing her health.

This announcement was also shared on Michielin’s Instagram, where she received further support from other Italian musicians such as Orietta Berti, Levante, Emma Marrone, and Baby K.

After her surgery was first announced in early August, Michielin has kept her fans updated on her health. A few weeks ago, she shared a video of one of her performances, indicating that she was practicing for the upcoming shows in September. However, her recovery is taking longer than expected, but she can count on the warm affection of her fans.

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