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Francesca Tocca e Raimondo: Unione sui social dopo le voci di crisi

Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro: Love Prevails

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro. This summer, the two dancers were caught arguing in a restaurant, and the gossip mills on the internet quickly started speculating about a crisis in their relationship. Despite all the rumors, the couple seems to be more united and in love than ever. Just a few hours ago, the news we were all waiting for finally arrived. As a guest on the show Verissimo, Raimondo himself spoke for the first time about the alleged crisis, officially denying it. But that’s not all. Todaro also clarified the argument he had with his wife, saying:

“We’re mischievous. We love each other a lot, and like many couples, we have our ups and downs. The crisis that was talked about this summer? It happened that she and I had a disagreement while we were at a restaurant. Francesca is very impulsive, she got up to clear her mind. Then the next day, there was talk of a fight. But it happens to all couples. Am I jealous of her? She has never given me a reason to be. If it happens, well, I’m Sicilian, and you know my character. I can be jealous…”

After this official denial, something else happened in the past few hours that didn’t go unnoticed. Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro have started appearing together on social media again, and the dancer herself posted a sweet photo that quickly went viral. Francesca then added, “Hi, silly.”

It seems that everything is going well between Tocca and Todaro. Meanwhile, Raimondo is getting ready to return to Amici di Maria De Filippi, where he will be one of the dance teachers for the third year in a row.

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