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Gabriela di Temptation Island: La proposta di nozze è stata pianificata? La sua versione dei fatti

Gabriela Chieffo and Giuseppe Ferrara, one of the most talked-about couples from the last season of Temptation Island, have some exciting news to share. As many may remember, the couple decided to participate in the reality show to try and resolve their relationship issues. Initially, they had agreed to separate and go their separate ways. However, after a brief period apart, Giuseppe asked Gabriela for another chance. He confessed to having cheated on her in the past but expressed remorse for his actions.

Gabriela, still deeply in love with Giuseppe, decided to give their relationship another shot and left the show with him. Recently, Giuseppe proposed to Gabriela, and she took to Instagram to share the news with her followers. In her Instagram stories, she spoke about their upcoming wedding and their desire to start a family.

Responding to questions from her followers, Gabriela revealed that the proposal came as a complete surprise to her. She never expected it, especially not on national television. She also mentioned how difficult it was to keep the proposal a secret until the episode aired. The episode had been recorded a month prior, and she had to refrain from spoiling the surprise for her fans.

Regarding the wedding, Gabriela admitted that they haven’t made any concrete plans yet. However, they will soon announce the date and possibly share some details about the ceremony and location. Gabriela and Giuseppe also share a common desire to have children. Gabriela expressed their love for kids, saying, “Both Giuseppe and I absolutely adore children.”

Lastly, Gabriela addressed a question about whether she felt the need to have other experiences before marrying Giuseppe. The question alluded to the fact that Gabriela had only been in a relationship with Giuseppe and had not dated anyone else. Gabriela confidently responded, “Why would I need that? What would it change to be with other men when I want him? When my heart wants Giuseppe? […] To leave Giuseppe and be with someone else? I’ve had those experiences, but I want Giuseppe!”

Gabriela and Giuseppe’s journey on Temptation Island may have been filled with ups and downs, but it seems that they have found their way back to each other. Now, they are excitedly looking forward to their wedding and the possibility of starting a family together.

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