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Grande Fratello 2023: I primi scatti della Casa e del Nuovo Studio

Grande Fratello 2023, Alfonso Signorini and Cesara Buonamici reveal the first images of the House and the new Studio

The new edition of Grande Fratello is just around the corner, with its start scheduled for Monday, September 11th and a double weekly appointment. Recently, a commercial spot was aired for the first time, featuring Alfonso Signorini and Cesara Buonamici in the new studio, which seems to have been moved to the Voxson television production center in Via di Tor Cervara. They also showed some images of the new Grande Fratello’s house.

Alfonso Signorini commented as follows:

Everything is ready in the Grande Fratello studio. Now you’re seeing the very first images of the new house, which will soon be filled with many stories and new emotions. But above all, I have my wonderful travel companion, Cesara Buonamici, here with me. We are ready, we are here, and soon you’ll meet our contestants. You, the viewers, are the main ingredient and we can’t wait to have you back.”

The house seems to maintain a familiar atmosphere, with unique sofas, vibrant colors, and three-dimensional wallpapers, similar to past editions. Even the confession room remains unchanged, despite the hybrid edition, preserving the same design as the VIP editions. In an edition that presents numerous changes, including a greater focus on quality and a new commentator, the house seems to represent a link to the past.

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