Home Intrattenimento Le sfide affrontate da Diletta Leotta durante la gravidanza: “Canalis aveva ragione…”

Le sfide affrontate da Diletta Leotta durante la gravidanza: “Canalis aveva ragione…”

Diletta Leotta, the well-known television presenter and sports commentator, recently became a mother on August 16th, which also happened to be her 32nd birthday. In a recent interview with Corriere Della Sera, she opened up about her pregnancy, her intense love story with Loris, and her feelings about becoming a mother for the first time. She also discussed her relationship with Elisabetta Canalis, so let’s find out why…

To prepare for the arrival of her daughter Aria, Diletta decided to create a podcast called “Mamma Dilettante” where she invited various mothers and fathers to share their advice on pregnancy and motherhood. The new mom revealed her biggest fear during pregnancy, stating, “The fear of the unknown, of how my life would change. The podcast helped me realize that I wasn’t alone, that everyone has their own fears and doubts. Canalis, for example, was very honest: it’s not easy to admit that not everything about pregnancy is beautiful.” When asked what she would never want to give up, Diletta replied, “Definitely my work, it’s essential for me. I know that many aspects of my life will change and my daughter will be my top priority, but I will try to organize myself so that she can share in the things I love to do.”

Diletta also shared a special moment when she told Loris about her pregnancy. “We were on a video call, he was in England. I was in a panic, but he was calm and extremely happy.” Speaking about him further, she revealed, “Loris has been fundamental. When I first saw him, I immediately thought that he would be the father of my children. Our story is modern but also traditional, just like me.”

In addition to balancing her new role as a mother, Diletta has made a triumphant return to work after giving birth. She recently posted a photo on social media showcasing her stylish look for her first day back. Known for her impeccable style, Diletta’s outfit perfectly captured the spirit of September.

Through her podcast and personal experiences, Diletta has demonstrated the importance of openly discussing the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood. Her honest approach has provided support and reassurance to other expectant parents, reminding them that they are not alone in their fears and uncertainties.

Overall, Diletta Leotta’s journey into motherhood has been filled with love, excitement, and the challenges that come with such a life-altering experience. Her partnership with Loris has shown the strength of their connection and their shared commitment to building a modern yet traditional family. As Diletta continues to navigate her new role as a mother, she also remains dedicated to her work, striving to find a balance that allows her to continue doing what she loves while prioritizing the bond with her daughter.

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