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Manuela Carriero di Uomini e Donne: Età e Instagram

Manuela Carriero, the girlfriend of Stefano Sirena and a participant in Temptation Island, has been chosen as the new suitor on Uomini e Donne. Let’s get to know her better in the following profile, where we will discover all the news and curiosities about her: age, personal life, and where to follow her on Instagram and social media.

Who is Manuela Carriero?

Name: Manuela Carriero

Date of Birth: July 7, 1989

Place of Birth: Brindisi

Age: 34 years old

Height: Information not available

Weight: Information not available

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Profession: Information not available

Boyfriend: Manuela is single

Children: Manuela does not have children

Tattoos: Manuela is not believed to have any tattoos on her body

Instagram Profile: @manuela_crr

Manuela Carriero’s Age and Biography

How old is Manuela Carriero and where was she born? The suitor of Uomini e Donne was born on July 7, 1990, in Brindisi. She is currently 34 years old.

We do not know her height and weight.

Where does Manuela live? The suitor lives in Rome, where she moved in May 2023 following her last relationship.

Personal Life

We have some information about Manuela Carriero’s personal life. She comes from a troubled family and had to grow up quickly because of it.

In her story, she explained that she has two sisters and a brother whom she is very close to. Due to her parents’ problems, she often lived in a foster home. At the age of 15, she started working to help at home. A few months later, her father was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard blow for her, especially when he passed away, leaving them alone. 15 days before this terrible moment, her father decided to marry her mother, despite his illness.

At the age of 18, she left the foster home, found two jobs, and took care of her siblings.

And what about love? In the past, Manuela Carriero had a relationship with Stefano Sirena. He is a basketball player and a former assistant manager of an appliance store in Rimini. Their relationship ended during their participation in Temptation Island. They joined the show after experiencing a crisis during the lockdown.

During her experience on the reality show, Manuela fell in love with the tempter Luciano Punzo. It seemed like everything was going well between them, but unfortunately, this relationship also did not work out.

Today, Manuela does not have a boyfriend, she is single, and she hopes to find her soulmate on Uomini e Donne.

She describes herself as an introverted and shy girl, caring, stubborn, and very generous. But she also considers herself sensitive and romantic. She prefers actions over words. Her favorite flower is the sunflower, which her father loved.

Where to Follow Manuela from Uomini e Donne: Instagram and Social Media

Does Manuela Carriero have a profile on social networks where she can be followed? The suitor has a private Facebook profile. But she is also present on Instagram, as mentioned in the box above.

Here, she shares sponsored posts and moments from her personal life. Her biography states that she is an incurable romantic.


Uomini e Donne is not the first television experience for the suitor. This is because Manuela Carriero participated in another program on Canale 5 in the past. That program is Temptation Island.

Temptation Island

In 2021, Manuela Carriero participated in Temptation Island with her ex-boyfriend Stefano Sirena. Their problems arose during the lockdown period, which led to their decision to join the reality show.

Their love ended on the show, where she fell in love with Luciano Punzo, one of the tempters. But once again, this relationship also did not work out, and Manuela seems to have suffered a lot because of it.

Manuela Carriero as a Suitor on Uomini e Donne

After 2 years since her last TV appearance, Manuela Carriero arrives on Uomini e Donne as a suitor. This choice seems to have been positively received by the audience, who appreciated her participation.

Through the show, Manuela hopes to find true love.

The Suitors of Uomini e Donne

During the first episode of Uomini e Donne, the new suitors for the 2023/2024 season were introduced.

Manuela Carriero is not the only one on Maria De Filippi’s dating show. Among others, there are also Cristian and Brando, two 22-year-old guys. The first is from Rome, and the second is from Treviso.

Manuela’s Journey on Uomini e Donne

Finally, we will discover Manuela Carriero’s journey on Uomini e Donne. Will the suitor find her soulmate?


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