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Marisa Leo assassinata dall’ex a Trapani: Lucarelli sul suo tormentato passato.

Marisa Leo, the 39-year-old woman from Salemi in the province of Trapani, who was recently killed by her ex-partner, Angelo Reina, 42, had written to the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli two years ago, following the publication of a podcast in which the influencer spoke about her toxic relationship with her ex-partner. “She had left him 20 days after their daughter was born. She had made the decision aware that he, up until that moment, had done whatever he wanted to her. She knew she was paying a very high price for that decision. She wrote, ‘I’m paying for it.’ And reading the news reports these days, I know she continued to pay a very high price,” writes Selvaggia Lucarelli on Instagram. “I thought about it for a couple of days before writing this post. I actually wanted to say some things, but also respect the death of this wonderful woman. In the midst of the thoughts that crowd everyone’s social media feeds, it always feels like participating in a feast rather than adding something to the discussion. In this case, it’s even more difficult because Marisa, two years ago, after listening to a podcast, wrote to me about her tormented story. I won’t share the message, which is heartbreaking in light of what happened. It’s not necessary.”

“Threats, fear, stalking, and yet she didn’t turn back. She withdrew the complaint, it’s true, but it wouldn’t have changed anything. He had never stopped, and nothing would have stopped him, except – perhaps – a timely response from the law. The idea that a man who chases you in a car or threatens you with death remains free to continue doing so cannot make anyone feel safe. On the contrary, after a complaint, it can make someone feel even more insecure, because it triggers resentment in him for the act of defiance and the desire for revenge. It is no coincidence that many women are killed on the eve of a trial. Paradoxically, complaints, if not followed by a careful protection network by the law, can become an additional motive. All this to say that Marisa had not taken any steps back and had actually stopped being a victim. She didn’t even want her daughter to bear the consequences of that (former) sick relationship. On the contrary, she withdrew the complaint for that child, so that she wouldn’t have a convicted father. She hoped that man would be capable of at least loving as a father. Marisa gave him a chance, not as a partner, but as a human being. She didn’t make a mistake. She was just a righteous and generous woman,” Lucarelli said.

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