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Meloni denuncia il fango sui famigliari: Arianna penalizzata a causa della sua parentela

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks during durante lthe national assembly of Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in Rome 12 September 2023. Premier Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday expressed solidarity for Libya after it was hit by a deadly wave of floods and said she has told Italy's civil protection department to provide assistance. ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party, defended her family members during her speech at the party’s assembly on September 12th. She addressed the attacks that targeted her sister, Arianna Meloni, who was recently appointed as the party’s membership coordinator. Meloni criticized the continuous scandalous campaigns, investigations, and calls for resignations that have been directed at her and her family. She stated that every party member has been scrutinized, and her personal history has been thoroughly examined since the day she was born. However, she believes that these attacks have only backfired, as they have only proven that she is exactly the person she claims to be. She also mentioned the accusations of nepotism within the party, stating that they have tried to portray the party as closed, family-oriented, and secluded.

Meloni specifically addressed the attacks on her sister, Arianna Meloni, who has been a party member since the age of 17. She clarified that her sister’s role as the political secretary should not be confused with the role of the party’s secretary. Despite the personal attacks, Meloni assured that they will not respond to these provocations. They do not have time to engage in mudslinging, as they are focused on aiming high and looking ahead to long-term projects. They aim to provide Italy with a strategy that it has been lacking for years, to restore its pride, and to establish stability as the foundation for any real change.

During her speech, Meloni also highlighted the achievements of her government in its first year. She acknowledged that the economic situation is challenging, but the Italian GDP remains above the European average. She criticized the opposition for celebrating every minor difficulty faced by Italy, emphasizing that they are rooting against the country. The government’s focus is now on the upcoming economic plan, which Meloni described as the real challenge. Once the timing is right, they will embark on a year of major reforms and the Mattei plan.

Meloni defended some of the key measures implemented by her government, such as the taxation of banks’ windfall profits. She explained that the criticism stems from the lack of courage displayed by the opposition. She firmly supports this measure, which she believes is fair and signifies the end of a strong state that favors the weak and is weak towards the powerful. She also addressed the recent controversies surrounding party appointments, questioning why someone like Formigli should be responsible for communication within the party when they have Fazzolari.

Regarding the internal organization of the Brothers of Italy party, Meloni discussed her dual role as both the party’s president and the prime minister. She clarified that in their party, there is no secretary position. She is the president, and she will continue to hold that position until the party decides otherwise. She expressed her determination to continue serving as the president of the party and suggested that the criticism of her multiple roles may stem from a discomfort with a world that is immune to the influence of lobbyists. She proudly stated that she cannot be blackmailed and can remain honest.

In conclusion, Giorgia Meloni defended her family members and addressed the attacks they have faced. She highlighted the achievements of her government and criticized the opposition for celebrating Italy’s difficulties. She defended the measures implemented by her government and clarified the roles within the party. She emphasized her commitment to serving as the president of the Brothers of Italy party and expressed her pride in being uncorruptible.

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