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Belen Rodriguez e Elio si baciano: foto e dettagli

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni: Are They a Couple?

In recent weeks, there have been many rumors surrounding Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni. Are they just friends? Or are they a couple and has the showgirl ended her relationship with Stefano De Martino? The latest photos published by Diva e Donna, which captured Elio and Belen in a bar in Milan, add another piece to this intricate puzzle.

It was the aforementioned magazine that captured the kiss between Belen and Elio. Although they had already been seen together several times in public, they had never been photographed exchanging this type of affection. The kiss represented the missing piece of a puzzle that already seemed to be well defined: Belen and Elio are a couple.

Although Belen has never officially confirmed her relationship with Elio directly, there have been many hints that, even before this kiss, suggested that the entrepreneur from Brescia could be her new flame. From the affinity shown at Ignazio Moser’s birthday party, to the rumor of Belen’s alleged escape to the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Milan to avoid paparazzi and be with Elio, these were just the first gossips of a story destined to be at the center of constant rumors and speculations.

Shortly after, there was a photo of Veronica Cozzani, Belen’s mother, showing Elio and the Argentine model together with Albarella. It was speculated that the entrepreneur may have met the showgirl’s children on that occasion. A few days later, Belen appeared in a video circulating on social media at the baptism of Beatrice Marchetti’s son, a close friend of Elio.

On August 30th, the showgirl made her move: she posted a series of photos on Instagram showing her with the entrepreneur, accompanied by an ironic caption. For many, this gesture represented the official confirmation of her relationship with Elio, while others interpreted it as a way for the model to emphasize that they were just long-time friends.

To complete the circle, in recent days, there have been photos of their adrenaline-filled weekend in the mountains. Here, Elio and Belen went paragliding, giving the impression that they were closer than ever. Now, with the photo of their kiss, who knows if Belen will finally speak up about it or if she will continue to drop hints about a story that now seems to be clearer than ever.

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