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Elettra Lamborghini: Festa 3° anniversario con una fuga detox in Svizzera

Elettra Lamborghini recently opened up in a lengthy interview with Corriere. The singer discussed various topics, from her career to her personal life, recalling her experience at the 2020 Sanremo Festival and talking about her relationship with her husband, Nick van de Wall, also known as Afrojack.

On September 26, the couple will celebrate their three-year anniversary. Elettra Lamborghini explained how she plans to celebrate this important event: “We’re celebrating in Switzerland, at a detox center, yes, it’s funny. No phones. We eat very little or nothing at all. Couples who manage not to argue means that they are really well-matched.”

She and Afrojack met at a festival where Elettra performed before him. The singer recounted how, at that time, she was focused on her career and had never even considered the idea of getting married at the age of 26: “I had never had serious relationships. The first boy in high school lasted a year, and then that was it, I wasn’t interested in love anymore.”

However, it was different with Nick, and she decided that she wanted to be with him. The singer had kind words for her husband, describing him as kind and patient: “With him, I can be myself. Our love is like that between a father and daughter, not platonic, but unconditional. I love him regardless.” Furthermore, there is no jealousy within the couple. They both don’t give their partner any reason to be jealous: “I wouldn’t approach another man even if they paid me, I don’t care.”

Elettra also talked about her personality, describing herself as a person with little patience, especially in her work. Bluntness is another aspect that she believes defines her. She also didn’t hide the fact that she should relax more. She is increasingly disliking social media and expressed her concern about the negativity and cruelty present on these platforms.

There was also an opportunity to discuss Elettra’s professional life. In 2016, she appeared on Super Shore, followed by the reality show Riccanza on MTV. In 2018, her first single (Pem Pem) was a success, achieving double platinum status and a video with 160 million views. Elettra commented on this important debut: “Unfortunately, this didn’t help me. When things go too fast, you end up not enjoying anything. I could have had opportunities earlier, but I didn’t have the right song, so I waited. I’m stubborn, I’ll bang my head against the wall a thousand times until I get what I want. And I’m never satisfied. As soon as I achieve one goal, I immediately set another.”

In 2020, she performed at the Sanremo Festival with the song “Musica (e il resto scompare)”. The singer recalled the stress she experienced during that experience: “I was a scared little lamb, I caught the flu, I was doing aerosol treatments. In short, I could have done more. I have a very beautiful song, if I were to go back this year, I would bring that one,” she said. Elettra is currently a judge on Italy’s Got Talent on Disney+. When asked about her talent, the singer explained, “I believe that my main talent is connecting with people. My character is the source of my success.”

There was also room to discuss dreams. Elettra explained that she still has many dreams to fulfill. However, it is not known what they are: “Without dreams, there would be no motivation to live.” Despite this, she revealed one of her dreams: “One day, when I have fewer worries and I’m older, I would like to open a school for children.”

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