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Elisa emoziona con “Dancing” all’Arena di Verona

Elisa performed Dancing at the Tim Music Awards in Verona last night. The event featured many other guests, including Alessandra Amoroso, who made a TV comeback after a long absence.

Elisa, who had taken a break after finishing her tour in December, returned to the stage in great form. She delivered a captivating performance with Annalisa and Raffaella Mannoia.

During her set, Elisa enchanted the entire Verona Arena, as can be seen in the video below. She performed two of her most famous songs, “L’anima volta” and “Dancing.”

Listen to an excerpt from the second song, which left the audience at home and in the arena speechless. Not a sound could be heard throughout the performance, until the end when the crowd erupted in applause.

The online community had nothing but positive comments for Elisa. Some called her the goddess of Italian music, while others said she was unparalleled. Some even credited her with saving the show, which they found boring until her performance:

“I started watching the Tim Music Awards out of curiosity. We had almost an hour of pure boredom, and then a singer took the stage – I LOVE YOU, ELISA. YOU ARE MY MOTHER, MY SISTER, MY AUNT.”

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