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La sfida dei “figli di” secondo Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson: “It’s tough out there for us ‘children of'”. The Irish actress jokes about her ‘nepo baby’ status (her father is none other than Bono Vox). At first, it may have hindered her, but now she has overcome any prejudice, especially with her latest film, ‘Flora and Son’, which ‘Once’ director John Carney tailored for her. Making her sing like her dad for the first time. Photo: Yè Fan September 29, 2023 07:30

Eve Hewson won’t be doing karaoke today. “I have to be very, very drunk to do karaoke,” explains the actress as she walks through Central Park. “I should be really drunk, like after a bottle of tequila.” It’s not that she’s against alcohol (“Well, I’m Irish”), but it’s 10 in the morning on Wednesday and, until recently, singing in public while sober (or just singing while sober, actually) was completely unthinkable for her. “Absolutely not,” she says.

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