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Lavinia Abate: la Gatta Nera di Instagram del Mercante in Fiera

Lavinia Abate, the current Miss Italy, has been chosen as the new “Gatta Nera” (Black Cat) for the TV show “Il Mercante in Fiera” (The Merchant in the Fair). Let’s find out more about her: her age, personal life, boyfriend, and her presence on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Lavinia Abate, full name Lavinia Abate, was born in Rome in 2004, making her 19 years old. Unfortunately, we don’t have her complete date of birth, so her zodiac sign remains unknown. It’s worth mentioning that Lavinia has Scottish origins on her mother’s side.

Lavinia stands at 1.76 meters tall, but her weight is unknown. After finishing high school, she is currently studying composition and aspires to become a singer-songwriter or composer. Her favorite singers are Adele and Ariete. Lavinia has been practicing dance, specifically modern/contemporary style, for 12 years.

In terms of her personal life, Lavinia’s father, Fiorenzo, works at Telecom, while her mother, Camilla, is a Scottish English teacher. She also has two siblings. Lavinia describes herself as a transparent and sensitive person, as well as modest. In the past, she had to wear a brace for several years, which made her feel different and afraid of judgment from others. However, her victory in Miss Italy was a significant boost and a way to overcome those insecurities.

As for her love life, Lavinia seems to be single. She stated that she is focused on herself and doesn’t particularly like football players or guys too obsessed with their physical appearance. Her ideal partner should be a brunette with a sweet face and expressive eyes, with character and an open mind, ready to support her aspirations. Additionally, he should be slightly taller than her, considering her height.

Lavinia can be followed on Instagram, where she shares updates about her life, including her participation in the Miss Italy pageant. She also wrote a song called “Vino Rosso” (Red Wine) and showcased her talent during the competition.

Lavinia Abate was crowned Miss Italy 2022, with Carolina Vinci (Miss Sardinia) coming in second place and Virginia Cavalieri (Miss Emilia Romagna) in third. The crowning took place with the host of the competition, Salvo Sottile, and the previous year’s winner, Zeudi Di Palma.

Lavinia’s participation in Miss Italy allowed her to prove to herself that her back condition doesn’t affect her physical appearance and gave her more confidence.

Starting from September 25th, “Il Mercante in Fiera” will return to Rai 2 with a new season hosted by Pino Insegno. Lavinia Abate will be the new “Gatta Nera” after Ainett Stephens. Initially, Candelaria Solorzano was chosen for the role, but due to a video circulating online that didn’t align with the show’s image, she was deemed unsuitable. Lavinia Abate was then selected as her replacement.

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