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Selena Gomez risponde alle critiche sulle sue espressioni ai VMAs

Selena Gomez was one of the highlights of the recent MTV Video Music Awards, thanks to her unfiltered expressions that went viral on the internet.

A few days ago, the MTV Video Music Awards took place, with many artists in attendance, including Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Olivia Rodrigo, Shakira, Maneskin, and Selena Gomez. Selena won the Best Afrobeats award for her song “Calm Down” in collaboration with Rema. However, Selena didn’t become the star of the evening because of the award she won, but because of her expressions, which became a meme.

Selena Gomez VMAs meme: the singer didn’t appreciate Olivia Rodrigo’s performance

Olivia Rodrigo performed her latest hit “Vampire” at the VMAs. During the performance, fans noticed Selena Gomez’s annoyed expressions as she tried to cover her ear with her hand. But it’s not what it seems. In fact, Olivia recreated a scene from her music video during the performance, where the lights and objects malfunction. Selena was probably startled by all the noise and that’s why she tried to cover her ear. After the video went viral, Selena clarified the issue with a comment: “I heard a loud noise and got scared.”

Selena Gomez Chris Brown: the expression of disdain

Selena didn’t just become the center of controversy because of Olivia Rodrigo, but also because of Chris Brown. When the singer’s name was announced as a nominee in the Best R&B category, Gomez couldn’t hide her displeasure and made a disdainful face. The video went viral, but Selena doesn’t care. In fact, she commented, “Who cares.” This time, the founder of Rare Beauty was supported by many users. In 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to domestic violence against his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, understandably, the singer hasn’t enjoyed the sympathy of the internet.

Selena Gomez was definitely one of the most talked-about celebrities at the VMAs, thanks to her candid expressions and reactions. Whether it was her reaction to Olivia Rodrigo’s performance or her disdain for Chris Brown, Selena’s unfiltered moments became the talk of the town.

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