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Anna Lou Castoldi difende il padre Morgan: “Non è omofobo”

Anna Lou Castoldi, 22, is the daughter of Asia Argento and Morgan. “Her father and I wanted her very much,” Asia said as a guest on Verissimo this afternoon, alongside her daughter. The two women spoke about their relationship, not hiding the difficulties they have faced, but showing the audience that one can always rise again. With great maturity, Anna Lou spoke about the recent incident involving her father Morgan, which almost cost him his role as a judge on X Factor.

“I remember a very stimulating childhood, my parents introduced me to people of all kinds and I have always had an open view of the world. I have never experienced discrimination,” Anna Lou said. She then shared her thoughts on her father’s behavior: “I know that deep down he is not a homophobic person, but one thing that I hear and that saddens me is that using certain words as insults is quite vulgar. I don’t hold it against him and I haven’t said anything to him because I know he used it as an interjection, but that is precisely the problem. Apart from this incident, I have never seen him make homophobic comments, neither about my relationship nor about others.”

Although Asia did not want to comment on the matter, she revealed something about her ex-husband: “Sometimes he sends me music, in the middle of the night I find his songs. I wonder if a person like him is capable of love because when you love someone too much, it is difficult to love others. He was the great love of my life, and today I care about him. I met him when he was 27 and I saw his great potential, and I believe it is never too late to express it. I would like to listen to his music not only on my phone but also on the charts.”

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