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Faida social tra Giulia De Lellis e Ferragni e Fedez: reazioni e polemiche

Giulia De Lellis has recently found herself in the middle of a social media war with the Ferragnez. The Roman influencer shared a post on her Instagram stories that has caused quite a stir, only to delete it shortly after.

A few days ago, as many may know, the highly anticipated special episode of the second season of The Ferragnez was released on Amazon Prime Video. The episode focused on Chiara Ferragni’s hosting of the Sanremo Festival. It was a very personal episode where the influencer opened up about her vulnerabilities and concerns leading up to the event. Chiara expressed her desire for support from her husband, Fedez, who instead made her uncomfortable and overshadowed her during the festival.

As expected, given the nature of the episode, it sparked a heated debate and received harsh criticism from some figures in the entertainment industry, such as Selvaggia Lucarelli, who posted a lengthy critique on her social media profiles. But what does Giulia De Lellis have to do with all of this? Well, the Roman influencer reshared a snippet of Lucarelli’s post, igniting a controversy and drawing the ire of the Ferragnez, who wasted no time in reacting to the provocation.

Giulia De Lellis wrote, “I laughed out loud here, sorry,” on Instagram, while resharing a part of Selvaggia Lucarelli’s post that criticized the Sanremo episode. By doing so, the influencer made it clear to her followers, and others, that she fully supported Lucarelli’s opinion.

What sparked the controversy was also the fact that De Lellis chose to reshare the part of the post that focused on Chiara Ferragni’s manager, Fabio Maria D’Amato. Lucarelli referred to the relationship between the influencer and the manager, claiming that they do not get along with Fedez (and vice versa).

As mentioned, De Lellis deleted the post shortly after, but many users had already taken screenshots, which quickly went viral.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez immediately responded to the situation. Numerous comments defending Chiara and Fedez flooded De Lellis’ social media. In response, the couple decided not to stay silent and liked some of the posts in their defense. Fedez liked a comment that provoked De Lellis and Lucarelli by bringing up the infamous “Israel issue”: “Why don’t you tell us about the parties in Israel, Giulia, so we can all have a good laugh out loud?”

A few months ago, the journalist and the Roman influencer were caught up in a media storm. Lucarelli was heavily criticized for being too lenient towards De Lellis and her numerous missteps during her recent trip to Israel. Many believed that Lucarelli was unusually “kind” in her judgment of the influencer, possibly because they share the same agency. However, she did not show the same leniency towards the Ferragnez.

Chiara Ferragni also liked a tweet where a user posted the deleted story from De Lellis and wrote, “I could talk about the famous lack of female solidarity, misogyny between women, or the absence of objectivity. Because in these comments, anything goes only when it comes to a great success like Ferragni’s. But I’ll just say: don’t cry bitterly.”

To conclude, observant fans have noticed that Chiara and Federico have unfollowed De Lellis on Instagram. It’s an all-out war. How will this story end? Will the three be able to reconcile?

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