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Annalisa con pixie cut e pelle nel video di Ragazza Sola

Annalisa, the current sensation in the music industry, is ready to captivate us once again with her new single “Ragazza Sola” (Lonely Girl). In the music video, she showcases a rock-inspired look with a dark twist, featuring a pixie cut and a leather biker jacket.

2023 has been a lucky year for Annalisa, filled with memorable milestones, including her marriage to manager Francesco Muglia on June 29, 2023, in Assisi. Not only that, but her two hit songs, “Mon Amour” and “Disco Paradise,” have made Italy dance and have earned her three Platinum Discs. Now, the singer-songwriter from Liguria adds another important piece to her musical journey with the release of her new single “Ragazza Sola,” available on all streaming platforms since September 8, 2023. The song was co-written with Alessandro Raina and Davide Simonetta.

While we eagerly await the song’s ascent on the charts and radio, attention is drawn to the look she flaunts in the music video for her new hit. She has completely transformed her appearance, saying goodbye to her enchanting red hair, one of her distinctive features. Instead, we see her with a platinum blonde pixie cut that looks like a wig and wearing leather garments in a rock style, inspired by fashion trends seen in the Moschino, Elisabetta Franchi, and other fashion shows for autumn-winter 2023-2024.

In the video, Annalisa adopts a rebellious look that reflects the theme of the song, which explores the human whirlwind experienced by a “Ragazza Sola” (Lonely Girl) as she discovers herself and her deepest self, only to realize that true change starts from within.

In her first look, she is seen in a total black outfit, adorned with leather and studs, reminiscent of designs by renowned fashion houses such as Balmain, Off-White, Lanvin, and A.W.A.K.E. Mode. She pairs leather shorts with a biker jacket reminiscent of an 80s motorcycle jacket, a semi-transparent tulle top with visible lingerie.

Now, she appears in a rock-chic version, wearing a leather jacket, a bustier top, and culotte-style lingerie shorts in a delicate pastel blue, a romantic color trend seen in the Fendi fashion show for autumn-winter 2023-2024, combined with black. This outfit is completed with Annalisa’s sensual cuissardes boots, another must-have that caught attention during the Elisabetta Franchi fashion show for autumn-winter 2023-2024.

Annalisa’s appearance for the “Ragazza Sola” music video is meticulously crafted, from her outfit to her hair. She has traded her auburn locks and flowing long hair for a short pixie cut in a bleached platinum blonde shade, which adds a carefree touch to her look. She completes the look with red lipstick and winged eyeliner, adding further charm and a more assertive and sensual tone to her appearance.

This transformation marks the evolution of Annalisa’s music career and her expressive vein, starting from the release of this new single. She moves from the danceable and carefree notes of “Mon Amour” and “Disco Paradise” to the song “Ragazza Sola,” which concludes the musical trilogy and introduces a more confident, proud, and determined woman who begins her transformation from the smallest details, such as the pixie cut we see Annalisa sporting in the music video.

“Ragazza Sola” represents the deepest layer, the moment of self-awareness when one begins to embrace change. The images flow through the mind like a whirlwind, one after another, disordered and fast-paced. They represent all the moments that have led me here, where I am now, at the end of this song. I have found myself. And I am no longer alone, but with myself,” explains Nali, as Annalisa is affectionately known, about the meaning of her song.

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