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X Factor 2023: Puntate, Dove Guardare, Novità, Morgan

X Factor 2023 is set to kick off with Morgan back in the spotlight. Love him or hate him, the music pirate, who returns to the judging panel after 9 years, immediately captures attention. After his homophobic insult and outburst against the audience during one of his recent live performances, many had requested that he not be the fourth judge on the show. However, his position has been confirmed.

He will be sitting at the table with Fedez, Ambra, and Dargen D’Amico (replacing Rkomi from last year). Francesca Michielin returns as the host for the second consecutive year.

“It was a difficult time for me, words can offend and hurt,” says Morgan at the show’s presentation in Milan. “Since I realize this, I wanted to give substance to my apologies.” Half of his fee will be donated to Casa Arcobaleno, which supports young people who have been discriminated against by their families due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or transition process. Sky considers the matter closed.

What’s new in “X Factor 2023”

The new edition of the Sky Original show (produced by Fremantle) brings back the Home Visits and refers to the contestants as “rough diamonds” (copyright Simona Ventura from the early seasons). “We want people who are willing to make mistakes in front of everyone and ready to embark on a journey together,” says Ambra. “Not someone with a voice that sounds like someone else and dressed like someone else.” The veteran Fedez confirms, “The change in direction was evident from the start, the search for projects that still needed guidance.” Dargen D’Amico adds, “It’s mainly a game because it’s an entertainment program, but we also have to follow young people who choose to pursue this profession in life. I’m always looking for songs that strike me, I still enjoy being moved, I’m old-fashioned.”

Regarding the unpleasant words spoken at the infamous concert, Fedez cuts it short, “During those days, I had shingles, I had other things to think about. Our rivalry is the same as with the other judges.” Morgan echoes, “We have a professional relationship, I found a much more mature and professional Fedez after 9 years, he is now a reference point for professionalism in TV.”

The schedule of episodes

The first three episodes (September 14, 21, and 28, on Sky and NOW) are dedicated to the Auditions, which were held this year at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, with the 9,000 spectators at the Allianz Cloud in Milan acting as the “fifth judge” of the competition. The artists perform and present their musical projects in the hope of receiving at least 3 yes votes to proceed. The selection process continues with the Bootcamp (October 5 and 12), which will have a new mechanism: after reviewing the performances of the 48 contestants who made it through the Auditions, the judges will personally choose the 12 artists for their own Bootcamp, without distinguishing between soloists and bands.

In the episode airing on October 19, each judge will reunite with their artists for the Home Visits, which will take place in private, allowing for a more intimate relationship between the judge and the artist. The 12 official contestants for the Live Shows of #XF2023 will be selected from these visits. The finalists will participate in the Live Shows, airing live from October 26.

Fedez’s seventh time, Ambra and Dargen D’Amico return

X Factor 2023, the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle, will feature a new lineup, but no new judges: returning from the previous edition are Fedez, who is participating for the seventh time; Ambra Angiolini, who had an excellent performance at the Concerto del Primo Maggio with record-breaking ratings and a memorable performance of “T’Appartengo” in last year’s X Factor finale; and Dargen D’Amico, rapper, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

Morgan’s record, Francesca Michielin’s return

After 9 years since his last participation, Morgan returns, a historic judge of the show who has written an important chapter: between 2008 and 2014, the singer-songwriter participated in seven editions of the show, winning five times. This achievement earned him a place in the Guinness World Records as the judge who has won the most times among all the editions of X Factor worldwide. Francesca Michielin, the versatile artist, returns as the host for the second consecutive year.

Where to watch “X Factor 2023” (also on free-to-air TV)

The premiere of X Factor 2023 is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, at 9:15 PM on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, available on demand and visible on Sky Go. X Factor 2023 will also be broadcast on TV8, channel 8 on the remote control, every Wednesday starting from September 20, in prime time. Once again, RTL 102.5 is the official radio station of X Factor, capturing the highlights of the new edition and sharing the voices, emotions, and dreams of all the show’s participants.


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