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Grande Fratello: Grecia e Beatrice duettano con “Mon Amour” (VIDEO)

Beatrice Luzzi and Grecia Colmenares, two of the contestants on Grande Fratello, have become beloved by the audience and have been at the center of controversies within the house. The Italian actress had a small argument with Rosy Chin due to a misunderstanding about food that arose in the confession room.

On the other hand, Grecia angered many of the other housemates and made Letizia cry because of a prank that took place during the night. Colmenares believed that they were trying to scare her, and as a result, she preempted the event. Unfortunately, no one had any intention of scaring her, and she ended up waking up the entire house. She then blamed Letizia, who burst into tears because she felt guilty. Once again, it was a misunderstanding.

Below, we can see a video that has entertained the internet and features the two Grande Fratello contestants. The producers added some music and played “Mon Amour” by Annalisa. Beatrice and Grecia danced and attempted to sing along to the song, although they got practically all the words wrong.

The internet went crazy over this catastrophic performance. “I adore them,” commented one user. What do you think? Let us know with a comment. In the meantime, as always, keep following us so you don’t miss out on any more news.

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