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Nonna Imelda: La storia di una donna che si diploma a 90 anni e diventa maestra per un giorno

Imelda Starnini, a 90-year-old woman who recently graduated from high school, fulfilled another dream by sitting behind the desk at Userna Primary School and wishing all the students a happy school year. Imelda expressed her excitement, stating that being in the classroom with the beautiful children, their teachers, the school staff, the mayor, and the councilor was a dream come true. She urged the students to study and emphasized the importance of education after family.

Imelda, born in 1933, achieved her diploma with a score of 76/100 last July at the San Francesco di Sales Institute in Città di Castello. The school, founded in 1816, is unique in Europe and offers a socio-psychopedagogical curriculum.

This morning, accompanied by her daughter Sara Mercatelli, Imelda arrived punctually at the sound of the bell at Userna Primary School. The school, completely renovated with funding from the Ministry of University and Research, was chosen by the mayor and the councilor for Public Works to inaugurate the new school year. The event was attended by the Director of the Second Educational Circle, Simone Casucci, the coordinator of the school complex, Roberta Ranzi, and the teachers and students who were visibly happy about this unexpected surprise.

During the ceremony where Imelda was awarded an official plaque at the town council, Mayor Luca Secondi invited her to symbolically preside over the start of the new school year. Imelda gladly accepted and this morning, filled with happiness and emotion, she fulfilled her lifelong dream for a few hours. She held a register, books, and stood behind a desk where she could look into the eyes of the children. It was a truly special moment for everyone involved.

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